Sunday, August 16, 2015


Every day, I plug those nutrition numbers into the site and it tells me if I have been good- no red numbers or bad- red, blinking beacons of naughty.  And each time I tell it I have lost a pound it takes away more calories.  Ok, I'm no longer on the theory that like credit balances calories should expand not contract.  I got to thinking about it, what am I losing every time I lose 6 calories?  A baby carrot.  I now count my weight loss in how many carrots a day I am no longer allowed to eat.  I figure by the time I am no longer allowed to eat a 3 lb bag of carrots a day I should be at the weight I want to be at.  Funnily enough, the website keeps telling me I am gaining weight, eating like I am.  Fooled it, I'm down 5 carrots!

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