Thursday, January 12, 2012


We got nailed with snow. It was awesome. I love snow. I love hiking in snow. I got my snow shoes out months ago and I have been waiting, waiting, waiting...and waiting...for winter to actually begin. I went shopping, thinking I would have plenty of time to get out there and hit a trail. Unfortunately, I worked the overnight shift last night on little to no sleep so I was slogging through the day. Bugger.

I did break down and buy a skiing face mask. I wanted something to put over my face that wouldn't fog my glasses. Given my lack of funds- 11 years of college gets expensive- I had to hit Walmart. I paid $10, so I won't judge the piece too hard. It isn't perfect. But it will work in a pinch. I also got a midget ninja mask- I got a fleece snood in black. It will match my uniform which will be nice. I have to buy pieces that can work not only hiking but on my job site, which means an awful lot of black stuff. I buy pink undies to make me feel girlie =0)

Not being able to go hiking because the wind was whipping the snow into my face and I was just exhausted, and I really was too tired even for the gym I kind of used it all as an excuse to misbehave. I'm doing everything in my power to stop drinking so much soda, eat so much white bread, pasta and rice, and to just veer away from sugar. I'm on my 3rd Pepsi, I ate almost a whole Boule bread, and I had an ice cream sandwich at work and a chocolate filled croissant....yeah, but I ate a salad...really balanced it all out. Oh well, start again tomorrow. And tomorrow, Kennebec Highlands/Sanders Hill trail...I hope. It's supposed to get icy tonight. I may just hit the Viles Arboretum instead.

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