Friday, January 13, 2012

Ho Hum, Humdrum kind of day

The snow turned into rain this morning. So much for hiking today. So, it's a good day for housekeeping. What I really want to do, though, is hide in my room and read a book under the bedclothes. It's cold, wet, dreary and my mood has decided to match. Apparently, it's also making my cats moods match, they are beating each other senseless. I peeked into the window on the second floor apartment and all three of her cats were happily curled together. I came upstairs to my place and there's a curtain down in the living room, my older cat is hissing and snarling in the kitchen and the younger one is running from end to end of our little apartment yowling. I'm gonna let you all guess who knocked the curtains down and I bet you won't need all three guesses.

I made Avocado Turkey Bacon pasta from Pretty good, I didn't have the lime to put in it, but even without it this stuff was a nice change of pace. I'm getting sick of the same old, same old. The great thing about growing up is that our tastes change. No more living on macaroni and organge powder or salt laden Ramen Noodles. I barely eat Chinese food or Domino's pizza anymore. I still like to get an egg roll and some teriyaki once in a while, or a bowl of wonton soup, but after searching carton upon carton of sloppy, sticky, oily, fatty and just disgusting meals from take out restaraunts- I work in a forensic and civil psychiatric center they can't have anything they can use to do harm- you get to a point where you don't want to see it anymore let alone taste. THANK GOD! I like to make a healthy veggie and protein stirfry. My favorite is pork or shrimp with snow peas, mushrooms, carrots and edamame. I'm not supposed to have soy anymore so I keep the edamame to a minimum.

I have hypothyroidism. I get a lot of conflicting information about what I can and can not eat. One thing has stayed true on each pamphlet, website and medical professional. NO SOY. Which sucks. I'm lactose intolerant after having damaged my body when I was 18- I had gallstones. And I drink soy milk, which my room mates thank me for! And now I can't. I can't have high fiber or anything with calcium for 4 hours after I take my meds, which pretty much rules out oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, french of any sort really. I eat a lot of eggs. I used to love eggs. Now, not so much. I wasn't surprised when they told me I had high cholesterol, I've had that since I was 18, but then they put me on meds for it and told me I can't have grapefruit. I was an inch away from screaming. I am probably one of the only people in the world who loves grapefruit. I bet everyone else told they can't have it anymore just shrug and say "pffft", not me. So, foods are limited. On top of the fact that no matter what, my metabolism sucks, I'm tired all the time and sore a lot. It makes for a miserable day.

It's a need to keep the joy in food and a desire to make the right choices that has lead me to surfing through the web each day to find something edible and appropriate and not on the verboten list. I found Gazing In through her other site Trail Cooking. I've been planning a trip on the 1oo Mile Wilderness section of the Appalachian Trail and I loved her recipes. It's easier to make the right decisions when it comes to foods. I know what I can't have, I know enough about nutrition to know what I shouldn't have, and I tend to like a salad for supper most days. I would love to get to a point where I had more motivation and less exhaustion and pain. And cold feet. I hate the cold feet. I'm wearing a pair of Rocky band thick hiking socks under a pair of heavy fleece Acorn mucklucks and my feet are still ice. I sleep in these booties all the time.

All I've managed to do is the dishes and make a meal. I think I hear my book and bed calling me. It's really a good time to just take a nap and maybe get up with a better attitude and a bit more energy because my bedroom is a sty!

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