Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's a Whole NEW Year

Look, I have to admit...I'm kind of dull. My everyday life is. I work for a mental hospital and if it weren't illeagal I would happily tell you stories about what I see everyday. But, I can't. However, I live in Maine. For those of you not versed in American Geography or History; Geographically, I live in New England, the place where the sun first rises in America and that spot just up above New Hampshire on the map- (not Canada) and Historically, I live in one of the first places to be colonized in America. And I live in the only state to EVER legally declare war on another country- look it up The Aroostook County War. We declared war on Britain/Canada. We are the last stop on the Appalachian Trail...or first or the turning point, depending on whether you are a NOBO, a SOBO, or a Flip Flopper. The first part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, unless you really want to canoe upstream in which class...we could be the last part- it's your arms. Maine is the way life should be. And I stay here for a good reason.

So, rather than bore you with my ramblings, which there are many, or annoy you with my whining- quite a lot of that here too...or just try too hard to be funny, how about I share my passions with you. I love my state, and I love everything my state has to offer. I hike, I kayak, I snow shoe and I camp, camp camp campity campcampcamp. I'm planning hard to hike the 100 mile wilderness, and canoe the Allagash river, and on top of that I have my kayak races in the spring to get ready for. It's a new year, let's see if I can live it better than any year before this.

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